Steel Beam Clamp

On steel beams with a flange a Steel Beam Clamp can be mounted in order to quickly create an attachment for temporary edge protection. Using steel beam as attachment creates a free surface on the slab and can be used for other work tasks. The safety barriers will then be positioned outside the working space. The clamp is designed so that it has jaws that grip the steel beam profile. The steel beam clamp has an integrated attachment for posts. Barriers are installed directly onto the post lock and its height can easily be adjusted in order to facilitate different work tasks.

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  • Grips steel beams and posts with flanges up to 300 mm.
  • Integrated post bracket.
  • Robust and durable thread.
  • Hot dip galvanized.
  • Weight 6,3 kg (13 lb 14 oz).
  • 30 pieces delivered in stacking box stillage.

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