With SafetyRespect, you get more than fall protection products – you get an expert partner who stands by your side. We help you take control of the fall protection in every step of the construction process.

Collective Fall Protection

At SafetyRespect, we are committed to innovation and are constantly developing new products in collective fall protection in order to meet our customers’ need for increased safety at their construction sites.

We offer state-of-the-art and government-compliant solutions in a variety of edge protection categories to cover all of your potential fall risks.

Custom Edge Protection

SafetyRespect is proud to offer custom colors and logo on all purchases of the SafetyRespect Edge Protection Barrier System at no extra cost.

We know that presenting a well-managed, visually appealing job site is valuable for not only the business but also builds trust among the community and creates a job site that employees enjoy.


By following our fall protection guide, you will create a safer construction site. From the planning stage until the project is completed, we contribute knowledge and working methods that will give you the best fall protection solutions for your construction project.

Results That Matter

Our clients rely on us to provide safety and cost savings for their construction projects.  Here is what some clients shared about their experience

“We consider SafetyRespect Edge Protection the best on the market. It’s an exceptional product that has replaced the old school systems of 2x4s we’ve used in the past. It’s even added several systems we could not offer before, and it dramatically reduces installation time by 40% to 50%. We had been looking many years for a product as versatile as this, and we cannot tell you how happy and satisfied we are.”
Kevin Hups
GH Phipps Construction
"We started using Safety Respect several years ago after trials with a couple different brands. Our early hesitations were quickly put to rest with solid customer service, customized branding, it has a very high level of quality and durability in an extremely lightweight product. It has a minimal amount of pieces, and is adaptable for many different applications. We have been able to use this in places we never imagined we would, making our projects safer and more sustainable"
Ryan Little
Balfour Beatty
"Changing how you do things in construction is always challenging, but this product was so simple to install, simple to use, and saves so much time. The best way to protect workers! Fantastic."
Bill Brown
Austin Commercial
"The cost in SafetyRespect materials easily offsets labor costs within 2 jobs"
David Evans
McCarthy Construction


We help you with the analysis of your fall protection needs at an early stage of the project


You are provided with a complete proposal for solutions, including training, personal and collective fall protection, based on what is best for your project


Let us manage your logistics so the right fall protection is delivered and returned at the right time

Download SafetyRespect's New Catalog and Fall Protection Guide