Custom Edge Protection

SafetyRespect is proud to offer custom colors and logo FREE with all purchases of the SafetyRespect Edge Protection Barrier System. We know that presenting a well-managed, visually appealing job site is valuable for not only the business but also builds trust among the community and creates a job site that employees enjoy.

Why are Branded Edge Protections Important?

Establishing and maintaining a brand presence on job sites creates a positive cause-and-effect system. One of the most apparent benefits is brand recognition. SafetyRespect barriers are constructed with your company’s logo facing outward on the job site, making a positive and memorable impression to both community members, other contractors on-site, and of course adding to your own company reputation and recognition. Free advertising makes the sales and marketing department happy!

Recent events have taught the industry more than ever that team morale and camaraderie are some of the most important facets of a successful company. Proudly displaying your company colors and logo on the job site helps unify team members with different roles and backgrounds. While team members may have different functions and focus, a unified and branded job site helps provide a sense that “we’re all in it together” and can even underscore the sense that employers care about their employee’s experience overall. Proudly display your company colors on the job site and remind everyone of the value of teamwork.

SafetyRespect’s Edge Protection Barrier System makes the job site neat, clean, and safe. We’re proud to provide our custom colors and branding at no extra cost to you in order to create both a secure and welcoming job site. A cohesive and branded job site underscores your company’s strengths and reinforces a positive experience for everyone. Represent your company with professionalism and pride- helping you create and maintain a reputation of excellence. 

Jump into the future of safety culture in the US, where ethos, branding, and safety join together to create a phenomenal experience for all.

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  • No Extra Cost
  • SafetyRespect offers custom colors and logo placement on all purchases of our Edge Protection Barrier System without any extra fee.
  • Choose from a range of colors for the entire barrier system to match your company’s colors.
  • Save money on logo banners and other branded materials by utilizing existing space on our Edge Protections to advertise with your company’s logo.

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