Logistics can be complex in a construction project. Let us arrange the transports for you so the right fall protection is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Our depots puts us in close proximity to our customers. We arrange transports of fall protection from the depots so you get exactly the fall protection you need when it’s time to assemble it. You don’t need to have fall protection standing in the workplace for assembly later on. Instead, you have it delivered Just in Time.

We also offer a return service directly on the construction site. When it’s time to return fall protection, we can come to the workplace and collect the material for you and prepare and arrange the return logistics. This service means optimized returns and minimal handling.

1. Planning

As early as the project planning stage, we carry out a fall protection analysis in which we identify situations involving a risk of falling. We then work with you to plan solutions right from the drawing board.

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2. Solutions

Based on the fall protection analysis, we develop the best design for solutions for your construction project, regardless of whether you require personal or collective fall protection. We also offer the training courses required in order to handle the protection.

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3. Logistics

We solve the logistics and arrange transport so the right fall protection is delivered and returned at the right time throughout the construction process. We also offer a return service that is provided directly on the construction site.

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