System for safety checks

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Regular safety checks make it even easier for you to keep an eye on the risks of falls throughout the construction period. Our SafetyCheck can be carried out in a mobile app and can be documented and shared with those concerned.

To enable you to ensure even higher levels of safety on the construction site, we offer a regular safety check of assembled fall protection, a so-called SafetyCheck. Any defects detected during the check are documented, along with proposals for action. The documentation is available via a website or in our mobile app and can easily be printed or shared electronically with people who need to know the results.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Fall protection safety check

Edge protection stairs

Fall protection safety check[/vc_column_text]

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As early as the project planning stage, we carry out a fall protection analysis in which we identify situations involving a risk of falling. We then work with you to plan solutions right from the drawing board.

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Based on the fall protection analysis, we develop the best design for solutions for your construction project, regardless of whether you require personal or collective fall protection. We also offer the training courses required in order to handle the protection.

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We solve the logistics and arrange transport so the right fall protection is delivered and returned at the right time throughout the construction process. We also offer a return service that is provided directly on the construction site.

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With our help, installation is carried out quickly and efficiently, without slowing down the other construction activities. You can also feel confident that the installation will be carried out correctly, which provides a safer working environment.

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Our system for regular security checks provides you with clear documentation and higher safety levels throughout the project period. The check we refer to as SafetyCheck is carried out in our mobile app and can be shared with those involved.

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